Interrail : a trip all over France to learn French in one month

If you’re up to some summer adventure, a rail trip to France may just be what you need. OKFrance is an ideal tour destination. With its colourful cities, scenic countryside, great cuisine, and the wonderful French people, it sure makes for an interesting summer destination.

Away from France’s beauty and vacation perks, imagine how it would be to combine a fun holiday trip with language learning? Wouldn’t it be even more fun and fulfilling? Certainly yes. Interrail offers you a chance to do exactly that, to tour France and learn French in the course of it.

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What is Interrail and how does it work?


Interrail is a rail travel programme that is available to European residents. It allows individuals unlimited rail travel to and across all the participating countries. There are about 30 European countries that are participating in the Interrail programme so far. These include United Kingdom, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland among others.

Interrail works by means of a single rail ticket. Qualified travellers are issued with a single travel ticket known as an Interrail Global Pass. With this ticket, you can travel by train in and between all the member countries. The Interrail Global Pass is usually valid for up to one month.



Using Interrail to travel to and within France


As a major participant in the Interrail programme, France is one of the places you can easily visit with your Interrail pass. There are railways running through Monaco and various other parts of France. These will enable you traverse the country and take in all its sights and sounds.

To tour France with Interrail, simply purchase your ticket with the rail authorities in your country and then you’re set and ready to go. You should keep in mind that Interrail services are only available to residents of the participating countries.

In regards to fare, you will be charged fares ranging from €210 to €650. This depends on factors such as the entire duration of your travel, your age, and your coach’s class. Adults pay more fare than children. Rail travel is usually free once you’ve purchased an Interrail ticket. You will be required to pay nothing at all when boarding other trains within the network. You may in a few cases however be asked to pay for seat reservation in some high speed trains. This isn’t a common occurrence in France though.

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Learning French during your rail trip



With the one month validity of your Interrail ticket, you can take advantage of your time in France to learn the French language? Why learn French? You may ask. Well, French is one of the best foreign languages to learn. It is first of all a world language that is spoken by over 220 million people worldwide. Furthermore, it is a language can give you an edge in the job market and even in school. Better still, it will help you connect with new people and travel more conveniently in French speaking regions.

Touring France is a perfect way to begin learning French or to improve your French. Learning a language among natives gives you the incredible and uncommon experience. You’ll get to hear it being spoken firsthand from the natives. In addition, you’ll get to be guided by the natives on the correct meaning and pronunciation of words.

When seeking to learn French during your France visit, you should mostly try going to places which offer maximum interaction with French speaking people. The secret to interacting with more French speakers is quite simple. You should avoid major cities and venture inwards to the countryside. Country people are more likely to be willing to teach you French than their busy rural counterparts. The other way to learn more French while in France is by visiting smaller hotels. Try bed and breakfast places instead of larger hotels. You will get to interact more with waiters and hotel owners in smaller hotels. Such interactions will help you learn French.

Does the idea of learning French during a summer travel appeal to you? If yes, purchase your Interrail ticket now and get going?