Trains & War : Why is there a need to develop international law in times of war ?

Law is the reason why there is just and organization, and it can do well in countries to promote equal rights but when in times of war there will be a whole new meaning to law because now countries will be involved, and it wouldn’t be just law it will be now called international law wherein government of different culture and countries would have to know what is theirs and what is not theirs because in war you can never know who is your enemy and who is your friend.


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War has so many reasons why it existed, to protect, to serve, to defend and so on but in the end, the result of war is not which side has one but how much damage has been caused to one another. In times of war, a lot of things will change especially in the international law. Transportation from one country to the next will be stricter and checking of you baggage will also be stricter. The trust will be something that is hard to achieve because people might think the other is a spy or a soon to be a traitor. There will be a new international law so that countries at war with one another wouldn’t let any spy go near their country and learn to their military strategy. Certain trade may not come easy anymore because of the war, and there may even be issues on territories of countries that are on the same land but has borders.


International law can shape a country because it would mean there will be a lot of change especially when it comes to trade. There are some countries after that needs the resources of other countries but because of the war, it would be hard to have it. You may not even know who is partnering with who when the war will start that is why the international law will be developed to protect the citizens and all infrastructure and security of the country. Free trade may not even exist anymore when there is war, and the easy transportation of good wouldn’t be so easy as well. Each country will only be thinking of the well-being of their own so that is why if a foreigner will ever come to another country they may not be treated well. Families will be torn apart, and those with mix blood may have to choose who they will side with.


War is never beautiful; it can destroy the mentally, physiology and the spirit of a lot of people. A country can be safe because in times of Great War due to the development of international law because in those cases you can never know who to trust or who are your enemies. Nothing will be easy when war has begun, and everyone must learn to cope with what they have because trading will be hard and go from one country to the next, even if they are an allied country, will be very hard.

High-speed rail link between Melbourne and Sydney proposed by private company


It has been talked about for decades, but a private company has launched a $200 billion plan to build a high-speed rail link between Melbourne and Sydney.

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When the U.S. won ww2 what part did train & electricity play ?

Today electricity is greatly used and there have different means to have electricity. With electricity you can charge all of your gadgets with no problem and have lights and the television in your house but before during the world war it was highly beneficial because with electricity a lot of the technology and weapon were able to be used especially since electricity was founded by an American and the Americans were the one who won the world war. With electricity by their side battery powered weapons that need refueling wouldn’t be a problem for them.


The world war is dark history because countries around the world were fighting. But though there were battles that were won and lost the war was won by the Americans. There might be a lot of reason as to why but mostly it could have been the help of electricity. You might not have noticed, but electricity is the reason a lot of the technology in those time where powered. So imagine if America had a lot of electricity it would mean that they have the resource to contact important officials and give out important instructions to them to help win the world war. With electricity the technology that they have can function without the interference of another enemy country. Computers will be able to function well and help decode or encode important messages towards soldiers, captains, and generals. Communication wouldn’t have been a problem for them.

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Electricity was after all founded by an American, Thomas Alva Edison, which would mean they know more about the capabilities of electricity than any other country. Electricity is the one that generates batteries for their walk talk so that important plans like the epic bombing in Japan could happen. Without the help of electricity or the founding of electricity by an American, they might have had a hard time communicating with their fleet to strategies plans, and their computers wouldn’t have functioned well because their knowledge of electricity is very minimum. Electricity did make an important part of the winning of the world war because it was able to guide them through their technology and help them recharge batteries from the military ship and military jets which are an important war weapon to defend or attack enemy fleet. Without electricity in the hands of the Americans, the war may greatly damage them.


Now you know how important the part of electricity is to the Americans for them to win the world war. You have to understand that all ship and Jets have a battery in them that might die and need refueling which electricity would be much demanded. Because an American founded electricity, they would know the full capacity and benefits that electricity can give them during the world war. They are at a great advantage because their ships, tanks, and jets battery are fueled with excellent electricity that has won them of the world war.