When the U.S. won ww2 what part did train & electricity play ?

Today electricity is greatly used and there have different means to have electricity. With electricity you can charge all of your gadgets with no problem and have lights and the television in your house but before during the world war it was highly beneficial because with electricity a lot of the technology and weapon were able to be used especially since electricity was founded by an American and the Americans were the one who won the world war. With electricity by their side battery powered weapons that need refueling wouldn’t be a problem for them.


The world war is dark history because countries around the world were fighting. But though there were battles that were won and lost the war was won by the Americans. There might be a lot of reason as to why but mostly it could have been the help of electricity. You might not have noticed, but electricity is the reason a lot of the technology in those time where powered. So imagine if America had a lot of electricity it would mean that they have the resource to contact important officials and give out important instructions to them to help win the world war. With electricity the technology that they have can function without the interference of another enemy country. Computers will be able to function well and help decode or encode important messages towards soldiers, captains, and generals. Communication wouldn’t have been a problem for them.

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Electricity was after all founded by an American, Thomas Alva Edison, which would mean they know more about the capabilities of electricity than any other country. Electricity is the one that generates batteries for their walk talk so that important plans like the epic bombing in Japan could happen. Without the help of electricity or the founding of electricity by an American, they might have had a hard time communicating with their fleet to strategies plans, and their computers wouldn’t have functioned well because their knowledge of electricity is very minimum. Electricity did make an important part of the winning of the world war because it was able to guide them through their technology and help them recharge batteries from the military ship and military jets which are an important war weapon to defend or attack enemy fleet. Without electricity in the hands of the Americans, the war may greatly damage them.


Now you know how important the part of electricity is to the Americans for them to win the world war. You have to understand that all ship and Jets have a battery in them that might die and need refueling which electricity would be much demanded. Because an American founded electricity, they would know the full capacity and benefits that electricity can give them during the world war. They are at a great advantage because their ships, tanks, and jets battery are fueled with excellent electricity that has won them of the world war.


Rail cost , hearing : How high the price of war truly is

 You will hear news of bombings in certain areas in the world or how long ago the entire world blew into chaos twice. Can you imagine living in that time where even sleep could have been an amazing luxury because you know that anytime soon there will be a loud boom from war bombs that might be near your place? Where you love once auditioned to be soldiers to protect your future, and there is a chance that they won’t come back. You should know that war is not beautiful, not to mention people who lost hearing due to massive bombings. 

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War has torn up families from different countries to losing them due to casualties. There are something you should know when it comes to bombing they are always strategies from enemies who wishes to win the war. War bombs would be deployed in areas that prove to be fatal for their enemies like railroads, port areas, cities and resource contained areas. Soldiers who are up against the enemy in the war front has it worse because they would would hear a lot of noises, attacks can be found anywhere, and you will know when there a man down in your team. Though the soldiers may be well trained there are just some things training cannot help them with because in war you can never know when you can come home. The consequences of these bombings can lead to thousands to die and suffer a great loss in which money can never help with.


Even the greatest and well train soldier may fall during the battlefield, and all their family will be left with just a memory. There is nothing beautiful about seeing a bomb explode even if you are at a safe distant. Though it may have been easy for other soldiers from other countries to release the bomb carrying the weight of such consequence will not be easy because there will be a lot of rubble when a bomb has to finish its job and there will have a lot of children orphaned and traumatized because of such action. The children are the once who bear the most pain because they wouldn’t understand what is going on and they suddenly saw that their beautiful home is in ruins, and they have lost something that money can never buy, a family who loves them. The price of war for children bears the highest because they will be the one to carry out such traumatizing experience at such a young age.


The sad fact about the bombing in areas from different countries to your own is that no one wins because the consequence of the such thing is that human lives were at stake and lost, beautiful buildings turned to ruins, millions of money wasted and happy days may be hard to achieve for it may turn to just memories. You cannot begin to imagine how people are unable to sleep because they wonder if they are truly safe from it all. They would wonder how high the price of war truly is for them.