The electric bikes: difficulties and obstacles


While the whole world goes round and round discussing all the preferences of the electric bikes, there are certain difficulties which need to be known. All the owners of electric vehicles have to take into consideration some points to judge if they need electric bikes or not.


They say, electric traction, installed on a conventional bicycle and designed to facilitate human life, is an odd thing. Opponents of modern technologies are assured that electric traction will not be appropriate as the bicycle should serve as a kind of simulator, serving the main goal, to keep fit.


The main obstacle stopping a potential buyer is the high cost of a bicycle with electric traction. Until an effective and long-lasting battery is invented, the problem of high prices will remain the same. Some producers worry about the economy to independently equip their two-wheeled transport. However, these are rather special cases, not the statistics.

The second disadvantage is the undesirable use of this product in rainy weather, not to mention driving in the cold season. The load on the battery at this time is increased; moisture, getting into the electrical system can prematurely disable it. And these are additional and very significant costs. As well, bicycle cannot be compared with the car along with its systems of safety. However, if you have already decided to buy electric bike, don’t forget to maintain all the necessary equipment to save it from the extremes of temperature and weather conditions.


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